Exhibiting With An Eco-Friendly Display Stand

Exhibition stands are continuously being evolved and developed to move with the trends and the needs of consumers. With most individuals being aware of the environment and the effects of our actions, it’s about time we looked at a sustainable approach and the differences that can be made.

Whilst the materials used for exhibition stands and accessories are used time and time again, and quite possible over many years. This doesn’t stop the components ending up in landfill eventually, which adds to our global pollution issue.

Our goal as an exhibition manufacturer is to provide on going solutions which encourage reducing plastic usage and using sustainable materials. Here’s how we did it;

Exhibiting with Xanita, a Fibreboard material

Switching from standard event products to a fibreboard stand doesn’t hinder your display at all. In fact, we would argue that it will enhance and advance your display solution. Using an eco-friendly fibre board presents an opportunity to create a design that’s not only bold and bespoke, but specific to your business.

Fibreboard is made from a 100% recyclable material and creates an unusually strong structure to support the needs of your business. The lightweight design can be used to create a full display backdrop or final touches in the form of accessories.

The idea behind fibreboard solutions is offering an alternate material which not only compares in design but excels on performance. As a stand you’ll receive a custom, lightweight, recyclable, re-pulpable, strong and flatpack event stand. As an exhibitor – what more could you need?

Supporting the planet with the climate struggles is something we strive to do in the home and at work, let’s not miss the mark when it comes to heading out to shows. Choose whether you wish to reuse the stand or simply, recycle the display before the end of the event. It couldn’t be easier.

Working together to make a change is the way we can reduce plastic, educate others and make informed decisions which make a difference.